Jamie Cavanaugh has a problem. She’s different. Everyone says she’s going too fast. “Slow down!” say her parents. “Pay attention!” say her teachers; but Jamie just can’t calm down. She practically lives in the principal’s office. Perhaps her ‘speediness’ is not a problem; maybe it’s a super power that she can use to defend her friend Max against the school bully, Rock. Nope; she’s in more trouble than ever! Fortunately help arrives when a school nurse sends Jamie to a doctor and she is diagnosed as having Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The Incredible Speediness of Jamie Cavanaugh explores, with humor, insight and compassion, the hurt and confusion of being different when you can’t help it and the power of facing up to your problems even when others don’t seem to understand. The champion in this play is a positive role model for young people with ADHD in a remarkable play that will promote greater empathy and understanding around learning disabilities among teachers and students alike.


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