“What has 1,000 toes and whirls through the air?” asks the New York Times. Answer: The Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company of Siberia. Actually, that figure has been rounded down just a bit in crafting this attention-catching question. There are in fact 55 dancers, each of whose ten toes contributes to this kaleidoscopic cavalcade of whirls, twirls, taps, leaps, and bounds. Partly curating a tradition, partly updating of that tradition, this performance features Siberian folk dances, expanded and rethought in light of contemporary concert-going tastes. In vibrant staging, these dancers exude charm, energy, and skill. Feet move in a blur. An acrobatic air flavors things. Steps and moves burnished over millennia are, in this iteration, outfitted with modern dance constructs and given a heightened production value. The entire enterprise is shot through with joy!


Visit http://www.artsmg.com/SpecialAttractions/NationalDanceSiberia/index.html for more information.